Kailyn Lowry's Baby Daddy Problems Are Making Her Life Hell (VIDEO)

Kailyn LowryIt may seem like Kailyn Lowry is living the charmed life at the moment, with handsome and devoted hubby Javi Marroquin and two awesome little boys to call her own. But the Teen Mom 2 star definitely has some challenges to overcome when it comes to maintaining the peace in her family.

It seems that her sons' dads hate each other. On the season 5 finale of the show, Kail dealt with the news that her ex Jo Rivera had moved in with his girlfriend, but a bonus clip shows how much she's really struggling with her current custody agreement.


"Jo hates Javi and Javi doesn't really like Jo either," Kailyn told a friend. "I just think Jo fought for so much and claimed that my move was going to rip him away from everything he had, which it definitely didn't ... he's the only one that's causing chaos."

From what Kail describes, it really does seem like Jo is trying to stick it to her. Of course this is all from her perspective, so let's take things with a grain of salt, but Jo does have a history of saying or doing things just to hurt her. Like the time he said he hoped her water broke way too early in her pregnancy with Lincoln. Gee, I wonder why Javi doesn't like him?

Anyway, Kail seems mainly concerned for Isaac and worried that the nastiness will affect him. She shared, "It hurts my heart to think that during the holidays or any time special things are going on and I want to take both of my kids, there's a chance that maybe he's going to be at his dad's and I won't be able to take both of them ... so Isaac will feel left out."

Ugh, it's such a difficult thing when you're trying to co-parent with a difficult person. I'm sure Kail wants Isaac to have a good relationship with Jo, and part of that is spending time together. But it's wrenching when you're trying to be amicable with someone that thinks it's OK to be mean to you.

Keep on keeping on, Kail -- it may be hard now to keep that relationship with Jo going, but Isaac needs his dad as much as he needs his stepdad and little brother.

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