Jenelle Evans' Biggest Wish Might Come True After All

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Even though she's missing her man like crazy since he's currently in jail and all, it looks like Jenelle Evans might have something pretty big to look forward to after he's released -- besides welcoming baby Kaiser into the world.

According to RadarOnline, Nathan Griffith is planning a "big" proposal for Jenelle, so she may be sporting a fine piece of bling on her ring finger before we know it. A source says, "Jenelle hasn’t gotten a ring yet, but Nathan said he has his proposal already planned out. It's going to happen soon, but when Jenelle isn’t expecting it."

Soon, huh? I guess that begs the question of "how soon"?


I guess if he really wants to surprise her, he can go ahead and get down on one knee when Jenelle comes to visit him in prison -- though that may be seen as a little on the tacky side. (A bit too Hollywood or something.)

Or how about when she's in full-blown labor? I'm only half kidding, people. If he wants to do it when she's least expecting it, then popping the question in between contractions will certainly catch her off guard.

Ok, ok -- I'll stop joking around. If I had to guess, I'd say Nathan is probably planning something in between the time he's released from jail and the baby's arrival. What better way to kick off their lives as a new little family than by finally putting a ring on it?

Do you think Jenelle and Nathan will get engaged before Kaiser comes?


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