'Teen Mom 2' Season Finale Recap: Jenelle & Nathan's Fight Turns Nasty

teen mom 2 season 5 finale recapTonight's Teen Mom 2 episode marked the finale of season 5, and we're left with plenty of drama as we await the official announcement about season 6.

Jenelle and Nathan's relationship took yet another dark turn in today's installment. The two have been arguing more and more ever since Nathan quit his job selling timeshares. One night, they got into a major fight about money, during which the neighbors called the police, and Jenelle was arrested for breaching the peace. All in front of Jace, mind you. Her boo was quick to bail her out, but the arrest could possibly violate Jenelle's probation. Remember how the girl got 18 months unsupervised probation for her narcotics possession charges? Well, it turns out that since Janelle is only five months into the probation, the judge could consider her latest arrest a violation and throw her in jail for the remaining 13 months. Ruh-roh!


Shockingly that wasn't the worst JaNathan fight (is that a thing? We should make it a thing). After leaving a doctor's appointment, the couple got into one of the worst and nastiest fights we've ever seen on the show. They haven't been getting along lately, and Nathan declared that "there's more than a 90 percent possibility that we're going to break up eventually." Not sure where he found those statistics, but the outlook is pretty bleak either way.

And since Jenelle was about 12 weeks pregnant at the time, he dove into a full-on tirade about how bringing a child into the world would be a mistake: "How is a child worth living if he doesn't have a mother and a father that loves him? He might as well just be f****** dead." And this was right after they heard the baby's heartbeat during their ultrasound appointment. Wow. Just wow.

Granted, the duo did seem to make up at the end of the fight, during which Jenelle begged Nathan to be more involved with the pregnancy, but the fight was ugly nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Leah and Jeremy, who have reconciled after their latest argument, traveled with daughter Ali to another doctor's appointment in Ohio. This time, Leah and her ex, Corey, finally found out Ali's condition. The doctor announced that their daughter has Titin gene mutation, which is found in only 20 people in the entire world. And little Ali is apparently the only child who has been diagnosed with the disorder. The mutation can cause respiratory and heart problems, and the tot has to visit a doctor every year to monitor her progress, but at least there is good news: they finally know her condition. It was great to see both sets of Ali's parents: Leah and Jeremy and Corey and Miranda come together to help the little girl. She is surely loved.

Chelsea, on the other hand, was busy learnin'-it-up as she took her board exam to get her aesthetician license. While Chelsea traveled to the exam, Adam and his girlfriend and newborn daughter Paislee took Aubree bowling. And how adorable was Aubs with her baby half-sister? So ca-yoote!

Speaking of adorable babies, Kailyn and Javi are adjusting to life with baby Lincoln. Girl has her hands full parenting both Isaac and the newborn, and with Javi back at work, the tasks are piling up. And in the middle of all the changes, Kailyn's ex, Jo, announces that his girlfriend, Vee, has officially moved in with him and the two are putting together Isaac's new bedroom. But when Isaac happens to call Javi 'daddy,' they both know that there needs to be a conversation. And we suppose we'll have to wait until the next installment to find out how this one ends.

Lucky for us, we don't have to go too long without our necessary dose of MTV momma drama! 16 & Pregnant premieres tomorrow! And this season's reunion show airs on Tuesday night. We'll be staying busy this week!

What did you think of Jenelle and Nathan's fight? And should Kailyn correct Isaac when he calls Javi 'daddy'?


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