Jeremy Calvert Wins the Day & Possibly Leah Messer's Heart All Over Again (PHOTO)

Leah Messer, Jeremy CalvertWith all of the marriage trouble that's been going on between Leah Messer and her hubs Jeremy Calvert, it's nice to see a very sweet family-related post from them. Over the weekend, Jeremy tweeted the most precious photo of a very sleepy someone.

Make that two someones, because it's Jeremy with their youngest daughter Adalynn, both fast asleep in the recliner. Oh my gosh, the cute! I can't handle the cute!


I mean really, is there anything sweeter than a daddy snuggling with his baby girl? I didn't think so. And the pic is especially heartwarming considering everything Leah and Jeremy have been through on season 5 of Teen Mom 2.

Jeremy Calvert

Leah has struggled mightily mothering all three kids while Jeremy has been out of town on work way more often than not, not to mention dealing with Ali's diagnosis and physical limitations.

Sometimes, all a girl needs is a little snuggle ... and the ones between her man and their baby are the sweetest. Also those baby toes peeking out of the blankie are just about the cutest things ever!

Did this photo melt your heart toward Jeremy?


Images via Leah Messer Calvert and Jeremy Calvert/Twitter

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