New '16 & Pregnant' Trailer Promises More Drama Than Ever (VIDEO)​

16 & Pregnant

Holy moly, you guys -- wait until you see the new trailer for 16 & Pregnant that was just released by MTV. If you thought the show was pretty dramatic up until this point, you really haven't seen anything yet.

From the looks of it, season 5 is going to be intense, very serious, and also quite heartbreaking based on some of these girls' stories. The new season brings along five young ladies, Maddy Godsey, Summer Rewis, Aleah Lebeouf, Karley Shipley, and Autumn Crittendon -- all of whom are coming to terms with impending motherhood.


Get ready to hold your breath while watching this clip.


See? I told you it was pretty intense. I honestly felt myself tearing up a bit at the couple who appeared to be living out of the back of their car. (Um, you'd think MTV would throw 'em a few bucks to help them get back on their feet?)

If this trailer had you on the edge of your seat, then I have good news. MTV has bumped up the premiere date for season 5, and now it will air on April 14, which is two weeks earlier than originally anticipated.

Looks like we should probably stock up on tissues. This season is going to be an emotional one.

Are you excited for the new season of 16 & Pregnant?


Image via MTV

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