The Real Reason Juan Pablo Doesn't 'Love' Nikki Ferrell Yet

juan pablo nikkiNikki Ferrell is hosting Juan Pablo Galavis in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. He's meeting the people closest to her. Which is great. But I can't help but wonder why it has taken so long for JP to immerse himself in Nikki's world?!

Sure he made his way to KC way back when they did the hometown dates during the filming of The Bachelor, but things were way different then. He and Nikki are official. Just the two of them. No other ladies. Nikki met all of Juan Pablo's people weeks ago. Hmm. This detail makes me realize why Juan hasn't said I love you yet


He needs to know her more. Meet her friends. Be immersed in her world. Have dinner with her family. Suggest appetizers when out to dinner with her friends. Typical boyfriend/girlfriend things that bring couples closer.

Of course we don't need all of that to say I love you or fall in love, but maybe JP is just one of those who do. (I'd say he's a bit cautious, wouldn't you?) So it's great that Juan's on Nikki's turf, dining out at Oklahoma Joe's again -- where they had their hometown date months ago. They also went out to eat with Nikki's friends at her favorite Mexican spot, and she even tweeted that she was "so happy" with her boyfriend.

Awww. See? It's happening. The L-O-V-E. It's just taking its sweet time, and if that's what these two need to make it work and last and all the good stuff, then whatever works! Maybe people are putting way too much pressure on JP to say the "L" word. Gosh, could you imagine if someone asked you if your new-ish significant other shared their true feelings with you every day? Annoying. Besides, it's just a phrase (still, an important one), but the real proof is how they act together. If you needed proof of those feelings with these two, check at how Nikki and JP are smiling at each other here.

What do you think? Did it take Juan too long to get back to Nikki's hometown and meet all her important people?


Image via Nikki Ferrell/Instagram

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