Adam Lind Accuses Chelsea Houska of the Unthinkable (VIDEO)

Adam Lind Chelsea Houska

Dude. Wait until you check out this sneak peek of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special with Dr. Drew, which is set to air on MTV later this month.

We're SO in for a good dose of drama, especially since Adam Lind calls out Chelsea Houska for cheating on him while she was pregnant with Aubree -- and that's not all.

You guys? Pay special attention to Adam's little rant about all the "bad stuff" Chelsea supposedly did. You won't believe what he accuses her of.


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OMG. He says she slept with his brother?!? And she didn't even deny it?!?

Seriously, when he said that, I was all, "The NERVE of that guy!" But then Chelsea piped right in with, "This is all before you ..." -- which is basically an admission that she did indeed sleep with his bro, right?

Man. If that's the case, then their relationship is way more tumultuous than we ever imagined. I guess it's a good thing they parted ways when they did -- because it looks like neither one of them ever caused the other anything but pain.

You live, you learn ... I guess.

On a lighter note -- who else is super excited for this reunion show after seeing this sneak peek? Who knows what other interesting little tidbits will come to light after it airs.

Do you think Chelsea really slept with Adam's brother?


Image via MTV

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