'Scandal' Recap: Explosive Twists & Turns Just Keep Coming at the Gladiators

scandal olivia pope flesh and bloodJust when you thought Scandal couldn't get any more jaw-dropping, the penultimate episode of season 3, "Flesh and Blood," had us gladiators on the edge of our seats up until ... well, we'll probably remain there 'til the season finale next week. Judging from the ending of last week's episode, and Jake telling Olivia that she "just killed the President," it seemed inevitable that we'd see Fitz threatened by Mama Pope's terrorist plot.

And while he was most definitely flirting with being in harm's way, wanting to get out and campaign with just six days to go 'til the general election, Olivia managed to convince him to stay mostly on lockdown in the White House. That is 'til he defied her to go to Defiance, Ohio (how fitting), where Maya and Adnan originally planned to plant the bomb ...


That's when Papa Pope told Olivia to make haste to Ohio to protect Fitz, because he said Maya wouldn't dare kill POTUS if her baby girl's life was at risk, too. Olivia was skeptical, and really, could you blame her? Only hours prior, she had to watch as her mother refused to save fellow terrorist and lover Dominic (who Eli divulges she's been with since before even they met, married, had Liv) when Eli used him as a pawn to get her to give up the whereabouts of the bomb. And then she had to stand by as her dad shot Dominic in cold blood. That had to be one of the worst, most gut-wrenching scenes of all time.

As if it couldn't get any worse, after Fitz's life was spared by Jake who found the current whereabouts of the bomb -- the funeral of a senator Maya murdered! -- Cyrus "conveniently" fails to shut it down, because he knows Sally Langston is already well on her way to the funeral. OMG! Could there be any more blood on his hands?! And then Olivia returns from Ohio to find her father bleeding and convulsing on OPA's office floor, after an encounter with Maya.

Really, it's a WONDER Olivia is as sane as she is! Sure, she's in love with Fitz, admits she felt something when she hooked up with Jake, yet wishes she didn't have to feel anything for anyone at all. But considering the horrors she has now had to endure in her own utterly dysfunctional (and that's an understatement) family, the drama in her personal life seems like child's play!

As disturbing as most of this week's ep was, Huckleberry Quinn fans were probably over the moon with that completely crazy, animalistic sex scene in the parking garage! And those of us rooting for Mellie -- which is, come on, everyone now, right? -- were pleased to see it looks like she's going to get an answer about Jerry's paternity (thanks to Olivia who learned Mellie's 15-year-old secret), so she can maybe, hopefully, ultimately make peace with that horrendous situation once and for all. But maybe not until after tragedy strikes in a major way. Guess we'll have to just wait and see what happens next week in the surely explosive season finale. Yow.

What was the biggest shocker for you in "Flesh and Blood"? What do you think is going to happen next week?

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