Juan Pablo Didn't Actually Say He Loves Nikki Ferrell?!

juan pablo nikki He loves her, he loves her not. Make up your mind, Juan Pablo. Bachelor fans around the world had a slight panic attack when rumors broke that JP finally admitted he's in love with his girlfriend, Nikki Ferrell. But not so fast -- apparently those adorable photos of them flirting and hanging out at wedding chapels were all for show.

So apparently a reporter caught up with the reality couple when they were in Vegas recently and asked about the L-word. And Juan Pablo's response? "There's no need to rush into anything."

Wait ... but, wait ... WHAT?

Face palm.


Nikki agreed with him (shocker) and said when it's right, it will be right. And okay, while they are both making valid points, no. This is not okay. Especially because "it was right" for Nikki about six months ago and she's still apparently waiting with bated breath.

And since when is saying "I love you" after spending several months together considered rushing? None of this makes sense and it's starting to make me wonder if this is just a ploy to extend their 15 minutes and increase their bank account.

Are you surprised to find out he actually DIDN'T say he loves Nikki yet?

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