Stephen Colbert Replacing Letterman: Our Top 10 Reactions (GIFS)

Stephen Colbert David LettermanAfter days of frenzied speculation over who would replace David Letterman as the next host of CBS’ Late Show, the official word is in: CBS has signed a five-year deal with Stephen Colbert. When Letterman retires in 2015 -- after sitting behind the Late Show desk for a record-breaking 21 years -- Colbert will take over the reins.

Many details have yet to be announced, like the show location and the exact date of Colbert's premiere, but reactions to the news have virtually taken over social media at the moment. Opinions seem to be all over the place, which makes sense to me, because I am having LOTS of feelings about Colbert's new gig.



2) Yes. YES. This is great. YES.

3) Wait. Hang on a minute. Will Stephen Colbert be himself, or his current late night character when he takes over as host?

4) And what about his biting political commentary and awesomely controversial satire? Will that all get watered down for The Late Show?

5. Because that would ... that would really suck.

6. But maybe while everyone's freaking out about the loss of The Colbert Report, he's secretly got an awesome plan for continuing to be his badass self at CBS?

7. Yeah. You know what, I think I'm on board with this.

8. I bet it's going to be AWESOME.

9. Although it won't be easy to start watching late night TV. I mean, when does that show come on, like, 11 or some shit?

10. But anyway, hooray for Stephen Colbert! So many congratulations on his well-deserved success.

How do you feel about Stephen Colbert as the new Late Night host?

Image via Comedy Central

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