Leah Calvert's Cryptic Twitter Messages Are Really Kind of Concerning

Leah & Jeremy Calvert

Um, can someone please explain to me what in the heck is going on with Leah Calvert these days? Not too long ago, she insisted she was super happy and that things were going great in her marriage to Jeremy Calvert.

But after seeing a couple of cryptic tweets she's posted in the last couple weeks, I'm starting to wonder if there's more going on there than meets the eye. I mean, someone or something is definitely bothering her or she's having some sort of major epiphany or something.

Check it out.


She posted this one a few days ago.

A little unsettling, no? But then she followed up with this message just yesterday.

Ok, so now let's try and figure out what she could possibly be referring to. It sounds like whatever set her off last week is water under the bridge. But what's up with the "new start, better things" bit?!?

Could it be that her marriage to Jeremy is on the rocks, and she's ready to move on with her life? Or maybe they really are working things out between them and have decided to "start over" together and hope for brighter days from this point forward.

Whatever the case, it seems like Leah definitely has a good head on her shoulders and is trying to maintain a positive attitude for whatever lies in her future. (Or at least we hope so.)

What do you think has been troubling Leah?

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