Chelsea Houska's 'I Hate Men' Tweet Isn't a Good Sign

chelsea houskaWhy Chelsea Houska doesn't have a boyfriend is one of life's great mysteries. The Teen Mom star has so much going for her: She's got a great job; she's a loving mom to her adorable daughter, Aubree; she's funny; and, hello, hair for days! It seems like everyone is oft wondering why Chelsea hasn't gotten serious with someone (really serious) since her baby daddy, Adam Lind.

Well, maybe she has, and we just didn't know it. Chelsea fired off a cryptic tweet recently, saying that ... she hates men.

Did somebody break Chelsea's heart? Oh, hell no.


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Of course, the tweet was just a one-off, and we didn't get much more information beyond it (for all we know, she could be talking about some dude who cut her off while driving). But I can't help but think that there's something more to it. "I hate men" is what you say when hate a man in particular.

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Again, I really don't understand how our girl Chelsea is still single after all these years. Almost all the other Teen Moms are in relationships -- I mean, how is Jenelle Evans pregnant and in a serious relationship with someone while Chelsea's all by her lonesome? Doesn't make sense. (No offense, Jenelle.)

Guess Chelsea's just being picky and waiting for the right guy (lord knows there has to be men banging down her door). And until that happens, we'll be on the sidelines, rooting for her. Team Chelsea 4 Lyfe. 

(But, seriously, Chelsea, if someone messed with you, we are NOT cool with it.)

Do you think Chelsea is waiting for the right guy? Do you think she's still hung up on Adam Lind at all?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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