Jenelle Evans Forced to Defend Her 'Scandalous' Pregnancy Behavior AGAIN

Jenelle Evans

I really feel like a broken record in saying this lately -- but can we please go ahead and cut Jenelle Evans just a little bit of slack already?!?

Yes, she's made a lot of mistakes in the past, but she does appear to be trying right now. It seems so outrageous that she's getting a hard time for going out for a night on the town with Nathan Griffith and her friends.

Ok, so she attended a Miley Cyrus concert of all things -- but that doesn't mean she was downing beers while listening to the music!

Yep. People on Twitter immediately assumed she was sipping on a cup full of alcohol, which she insists was just water. (And I honestly believe her.)


Oh, and she even posted this tweet to let everyone know exactly where she stands on drinking during pregnancy.

Can't really get more clear than that, can she?

I know plenty of expectant moms are probably way too exhausted to do something like go to a concert, but if that's her cup of tea, who are we to judge?

And even if she weren't preggo, how does going to see Miley Cyrus automatically mean a gal is self-medicating with alcohol or whatever else? Yeah, Miley can't be tamed -- but some women still know how to have a good time without booze.

Like Jenelle when she's pregnant.

(Let's give it a rest, people.)

Do you think Jenelle did anything wrong by going to that concert?


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