Nathan Griffith Wanted Jenelle Evans to Get an Abortion (VIDEO)

Jenelle EvansIt's no secret that Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have had a somewhat tumultuous relationship. To put it mildly. But no matter what screaming matches they go through or how many times she gets arrested for locking him out of the house, these two love birds always seem to wind up making googly eyes at each other.

They're either really good at fighting or really good at making up. Maybe both. Maybe they're just really good at forgiving each other -- which you'd have to be after some of the things they've said and done to each other. Like when Nathan suggested that Jenelle abort their son Kaiser when she was 12 weeks pregnant.


In this sneak peek for next week's 90-minute season 5 finale of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle and Nathan are driving back after hearing their child's heartbeat for the first time. It should be a sweet and tender moment for the couple, but it gets ugly instead.

Upset by all the bickering they've been doing lately, Nathan says he thinks there's a 90 percent chance the couple will break up. Jenelle asks him if he thinks she should have an abortion, and he answers that he doesn't know.

Jenelle is understandably upset and says, "That's sick, I'm 12 weeks, I'm not like two weeks, Nathan ... we just heard the heartbeat today. How could you say that?"

Her baby daddy goes on to say, "How is a child worth living if he doesn't have a mother and father that loves him ... all these kids these days have messed up problems because people don't make the right choices. How do you think our child's gonna raise-up if we're fighting 24/7. He might as well just be f--king dead."

Argh! That's a horrible thing to say! But like I said, they must be really good at making up, because Jenelle is now seven months, and they're hinting around about wedding bells in the maybe-near future.

Could you forgive your child's father if he suggested you get an abortion?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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