'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Love & Dating, Hold the Hormones

Jessa Duggar and BenWe were treated to back-to-back episodes of 19 Kids & Counting this week. Jim Bob and Michelle dealt with the double whammy of two daughters with googly eyes for their guys.

First, Jim Bob and Michelle went on a double date with Jessa and Ben to chat about their budding courtship. The Duggars are professional teenage hormone killers. Over mini golf, they skillfully get Ben to say he’s not even going to hold hands with Jessa. He thinks “side hugs” are good enough for now. I never even heard of a “side hug” until I entered Duggarland. I would undoubtedly be on their naughty list.


Meanwhile, Jim Bob was all over Michelle. He kissed her, groped her, hugged her, and picked her up and spun her around when they won the game. He asked her if she were turned on by his mini golf prowess and she giggled like a schoolgirl. It’s obvious why they have 19 kids ... and enjoy trying for their 20th.

Jill decided to lead her “buddy group” in making a new pickle recipe she found online. The Duggars are obsessed with pickles and eat one gallon of them per week. Who knew? She followed up pickle-making with video conferencing with Derick Dillard, a humanitarian who has already won Jim Bob’s heart. They’ve been in a weekly prayer bromance for more than one year. Derick is now sweet on Jill and she’s crazy about him too. Jill told her parents she thinks she’s in love with Derick even though they have never met and asked them to visit him in Nepal. Jim Bob agreed to accompany Jill on a trip to see her potential courtship interest.

Josh and Anna are still adjusting to life in Washington, D.C. I must say I noticed Anna’s mommying this episode. She has the patience to home school her 4-year-old, McKynzie, while her toddler and baby compete for her attention. She also put a playhouse together (I would have put that on my honey do list or poured a glass of wine to even attempt that feat). Go Anna.

In other Duggar news, Jeremiah tried to teach Michelle chess ... but it was more about mother/son bonding. Joy attempted to corral the younger kids to practice singing “Jesus Loves Me” to surprise their parents. She’s making an effort to earn the respect the kids have for her older sisters. But, really, it’s all about the older Duggar daughters lately.

Do you think it’s unrealistic for Ben and Jessa to resist hugging or holding hands in a courtship? What do you think of Jill’s potential suitor?

Image via TLC

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