'Glee' Recap: Rachel's Diva Antics Have Finally Gone Too Far

glee rachel berry waiting in hospital kurtA new era of Glee has begun in NYC, but it seems that some things never change. Like old flames ... Now that they've both moved to the Big Apple, Sam had no problem declaring that he still has the hots for Mercedes. But she, in the second gasp-worthy outburst of the evening, briefly put off her former fling's advances, convinced she'd have trouble appealing to a black audience with a white boyfriend. Oh, dear. Thankfully, she quickly came to her senses, and the two are solidly on. Love that!

On a much darker note, however, Kurt found that no matter that he's moved to NYC and how much progress we feel like we've made when it comes to LGBT equality and acceptance, hate -- and in turn, violence -- continues to thrive. Kurt intercepted the beating of a young gay man by thugs, only to land in the E.R. himself. The suspense as each member of the cast received a call about the attack was heartwrenching.


Thankfully, the injuries he sustained weren't extremely serious. But it was still enough to warrant a visit from his father, Burt, who admitted he was proud of his son's actions but horrified to think that even in NYC, his son is in danger due to his sexual orientation. Ugh.

While what happened to Kurt was definitely the most sobering moment of the evening, the biggest jaw-dropper of the night must go to Rachel. She took proving that "the more things change, the more they stay the same" to a whole new level with her diva antics. After failing to do the assignment Madam Carmen Tibideaux assigned her for the mid-winter critique (by doing a duet with Blaine as opposed to a solo), then asking for special treatment to make it up, their verbal sparring took a turn for the OMG when Rachel informed Madam Tibideaux that she was QUITTING NYADA to focus on Funny Girl. Noooo, Rachel! 

Somehow, the situation only managed to get WORSE when she treated Kurt like pond scum during a dinner date -- not so much insinuating as blurting out that she thinks school is for performers who are too afraid to take risks. Wow. Someone shake that girl!

'Course Kurt's beating caused Rachel to feel absolutely horrible about what she had said to her BFF (whew for that!), but she doesn't seem to be backpedaling on her decision to leave college. What a horrible mistake. She may be a rising star with talent galore, but as Madam Tibideaux attempted to remind her, what good is any of that without the right foundation?

What do you think about Rachel's decision to quit?


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