Jenelle Evans Wonders Why People Can't Just Be Happy for Her Pregnancy (VIDEO)

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans has had more than her fair share of critics when it comes to her pregnancy with her second son Kaiser. Well, "fair share" may be a relative term, as the critics may argue that she more than deserves the scrutiny, given her history of drugs, arrests, and absentness as a mom to her firstborn Jace.

In a Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment with baby daddy Nathan Griffith, Jenelle said that despite all the naysayers, she's "really happy" and just hopes "this baby's healthy and happy." She also said that she hopes that Jace gets along with him. Does that mean she's ready to try to get custody back from her mom? Hmmm ...


Anyway, Jenelle does have a sordid past, but she really seems to have pulled herself together recently. She's with a stable guy that stands up for her (even if they did get in that screaming match one time, but hey, everyone fits differently?), she's quit drinking, and she's even playing nice with fellow Teen Mom Amber Portwood.

Girlfriend is getting her crap together. Which explains why the one thing she really wants is for people to be happy for her.

She said, "I just want everybody to be happy about this pregnancy. I don't want everyone to be like 'oh my god she's pregnant again this is horrible.' I just want everyone to be happy for me, congratulate me, and be excited for me. For once."

So long as Jenelle keeps on keeping on in the clean and sober department, I'm sure people will be happy for her. The haters are just waiting for her to fail, and the best way to show them up and get them to stop hating is to get them to ignore her. And that's going to happen as she continues to grow and mature and hopefully be a much better mom to baby Kaiser than she was to baby Jace.

She's on track to do it, and I'm happy for her that she seems to have turned her life around.

Do you think Jenelle's really turned her life around?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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