New 'Teen Mom' Spinoff Is Definitely Worth Getting Excited About

Jo Rivera

Ooh! We might have something to look forward to in the near future, people. While we're not sure if this is confirmed to be happening, the word on the street is that MTV may do a Teen Dad season, which would give us more of a glimpse into the lives of all of our favorite ladies' baby daddies.

And don't worry -- if this show happens, supposedly it will feature dudes from both Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. Odds are good there will be plenty of drama and intrigue to keep us glued to the TV week after week.

Ok, I'll cut to the chase. Here's who is reportedly going to be part of the show, if it actually becomes a reality, of course.


From Teen Mom, it will supposedly feature Ryan Edwards, Tyler Baltierra, and Gary Shirley, and Teen Mom 2's dudes will include Corey Simms, Adam Lind, and Jo Rivera.

Yeah, I know. Pretty diverse group of guys with all sorts of scandalous stuff in their past!

Who else is more than ready to tune in? Don't get me wrong, the mom version of the show is entertaining enough as it is. But wouldn't it be kind of a nice change to see things from the dads' perspective? I'm guessing it will offer quite a bit of insight into how they feel about navigating the world as parents -- as things do affect men differently.

And I wonder if we'll see any footage of the women if Teen Dad really happens? It could be yet another opportunity to bring back a few favorites from the first season if nothing else.

I'm ready to check this show out -- how about you?


Image via MTV

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