Maci Bookout Does the Right Thing for Bentley by Publicly Supporting His Dad

Maci Bookout BentleyIt's amazing what can happen sometimes when two people decide that just because they share a child doesn't mean that the best thing is necessarily for them to be together.

Take Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards, for instance. Anyone that's watched the early seasons of Teen Mom can attest that these two had quite the troublesome relationship. They really just don't seem to like each other much. But now they are working together as co-parents for their son Bentley's sake and even supporting each other personally on Twitter


Who would've thought these two could ever be nice to each other? Ryan took to Twitter recently to complain about having to travel for work, and Maci tweeted right back with a little pep talk!

Maybe it's because they're both in happy relationships, so they've truly moved on from their own miserable coupling. Maci seems happy with the gorgeous Taylor McKinney, and Ryan seems to be on-again with Shelby Woods, even joking about her being pregnant (anyone else glad that story turned out to be false? Ryan seems like he still has a long way to go before he decides to have more kids).

Regardless, it's nice to see two parents supporting one another. It's the best thing in the world for Bentley.

Do you think supporting your ex when having kids is important?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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