Jenelle Evans Commits the Ultimate Wedding 'Sin' (PHOTOS)

Jenelle Evans

I think we can all agree that it's kind of a drag to attend a wedding when you're pregnant (what with all the drunk people running rampant) -- but wait until you see how adorbs Jenelle Evans looked at one she attended over the weekend! (What a good sport.)

She definitely took a bit of a risk in wearing a white dress, you know -- since that's kind of the bride's deal and all.

But even though there's an unwritten rule about not stealing the bride's thunder, I'm sure Jenelle's friend didn't mind one bit. Jenelle really did look all sorts of gorgeous with her cute little baby bump.

Check it out.


Jenelle Evans and friends

 Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Yep. She's the "cute pregnant chick." (Lucky duck.) I mean, it's hard enough to look hot in a white dress as it is, let alone with a bun in the oven -- but somehow she pulled it off!

And what's really sweet is that she said attending this wedding only makes her even more excited for her own. She also captioned that pic of her and Nathan Griffith with, "My love always knows how to make me smile."

Aww. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- Jenelle does seem like she's so content with this new phase of her life, and she does appear to have her act together.

Hey, everybody is bound to grow up sometime, right?

Do you think Jenelle looks better than ever?


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