Nikki Ferrell & Juan Pablo's Wedding Planning Appears to Be in the Works

juan pablo nikki ferrellNikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis' romance may continue to look all sorts of fishy and controversial to Bachelor Nation, but the couple seems to have no problem at least trying to carry on a normal, off-screen life. Which apparently includes Nikki taking to Pinterest like any other 20-something, single gal and pinning up a storm on a board titled "My Someday Wedding." In other words, she's already planning her Big Day. Stop. The. Presses.

Could this mean she and Juan Pablo are already engaged?! Or just that she's so "delusional" that she believes her BF is gonna pop the Q sometime soon? Ehhh, let's go with ... neither.


We don't even know for sure if the Pinterest account that appears to be Nikki's is legit. And even if it is, being engaged is not a prereq for pinning your dream wedding details these days. Thanks to the wide, wide world of aspirational social media like Pinterest, we're all welcome to indulge in the fantasy of that special day without even having a potential groom in tow! And Nikki has that! Heck, she was on a show where the point is to "win" the potential groom -- and even if she doesn't have a rock on her finger, she "won" Juan Pablo. (I mean, whether or not he is really much of a prize is sort of up for interpretation, but you know what I mean ...)

So to be daydreaming a bit about her wedding day now? No big deal. The only reason we're squawking about it is because all eyes are on these two to break up any minute now ... But they could surprise us! And if JPG ever does get down on one knee, Nikki will be all set with "I do" ideas galore.

By the way, given the former Bachelor's contempt for ABC, I highly doubt we'll see their "I do"s if that day actually comes. So if you have any desire to peek on Nikki's "someday" wedding day, better enjoy that Pinterest board while it's up!

Do you take this as a sign that Nikki's already planning her wedding to Juan Pablo?


Image via Nikki Ferrell/Instagram

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