Jenelle Evans Proves She Didn't Drink While Pregnant -- Well, Sort Of

jenelle evansJenelle Evans got a lot of crap this week after an episode of Teen Mom 2 aired that showed her telling her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, about her pregnancy ... and then moments later, MTV showed a promo for the following week in which Nathan is pulled over for a DUI while Jenelle's in the car. Fans called Jenelle a bad mom (which, let's get real, isn't anything new), and she was criticized, understandably, for drinking while pregnant.

Thing is, though, Jenelle has come out with some pretty good proof that she wasn't, in fact, imbibing while carrying a child. It's just classic MTV editing.


In a blog post, Jenelle broke down the math in an effort to show that the DUI was about a month before she conceived. Here's what she had to say:

The problem with this situation is that MTV editing would have you think Nathan's DUI happened after Jenelle and he found out they were expecting, when in reality, the arrest was nearly two months before they knew they were having a baby! Jenelle Evans is due June 29, 2014. A due date of June 29th would mean date of conception is October 6thish (2013). In case you aren’t familiar with pregnancy, the amount of "weeks pregnant" isn’t considered from the moment of conception, it’s considered from the first day of your last menstrual cycle. Even in a best case scenario, with Jenelle conceiving around October 6th, Nathan was pulled over and arrested on September 7, 2013.

Boom. There you have it. Kind of hard to argue with evidence like that. If that's Jenelle's due date, and that's when Nathan was arrested, she clearly wasn't pregnant at the time of the arrest. Good for her!

Now, how is Jenelle going to prove that she didn't smoke weed to ease her morning sickness in the first trimester? Or that she didn't drink at any other point? That might be a bit trickier. But hey, we'll take this!

Do you think Jenelle drank at all while pregnant?


Image via Jenelle Evans

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