Kailyn Lowry Dresses Baby in Something So Cute You'll Want to Squeeze Him (PHOTO)

kailyn lowryIt's been a while since Kailyn Lowry has shared an adorable photo of her adorable baby, Lincoln, so thank heavens she decided to post one today! (Okay, fine, it's only been a few days since her last Instagram pic, but what can we say? We need our daily Lincoln fix!)

Kailyn shared a photo of her new baby -- who, P.S., is growing up way too fast -- and you're going to die when you see what he's wearing. Seriously, you might want to have a defibrillator handy before looking at the pic.

Check out the cuteness:


kailyn lowry baby

Gah! Is it pajamas? Is it a Snuggie? I don't know what this child is wearing, but all I know is that it's plaid, looks fuzzy, and that kid is insanely precious. I just want to squeeze him! You know, in a totally loving and safe way.

In the pic, Lincoln is being cooed over by Kailyn's nieces and nephews. Clearly, his cousins are completely over the moon with him, as they all can't resist touching him at once (adorable!). What a lucky little guy to have so many people in his life -- parents, cousins, a brother -- who are so in love with him.

And I mean, how could they not be? Look at that face. And that outfit! I die!

Seriously, how adorable is this child?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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