Chelsea Houska's Funny Video Is Exactly Why She's Our Favorite 'Teen Mom'

chelsea houskaI think it's an official fact that Chelsea Houska is everybody's favorite Teen Mom, right? I believe the Census Bureau conducted a survey a few years ago, and that was the outcome, correct? And Kailyn Lowry was a close second?

And what's not to love about Chelsea? She's a good mom; she has a solid head on her shoulders; her hair(!); and she's funny. Like, legitimately LOL funny.

Chelsea recently posted a weirdly amusing video to Vine, where she talks about a random woman commenting on how messy her hair was that day -- and, I don't know, it just made me laugh.

This won't change your life. It probably won't even change your day. But I promise you, if you're a fan of Chelsea, this will make you chuckle. (The language is NSFW, FYI.)

Check it out:


I know it might be a bit crass for some, but Chelsea's "Bitch, do I look like I care" cracked me up. And thanks to the annoying constant loop thing that Vine does, I probably watched it 25 times.

That's all. Told you, nothing life-changing or profound. But a little ha-ha for you on this Friday. You're welcome.

Who's your favorite Teen Mom?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Vine

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