Proof Jenelle Evans Deals With Things 'Normal' Moms Deal With (PHOTO)

jenelle evansI don't think we think "classic mom" when we think "Jenelle Evans." The Teen Mom star has made countless headlines for her antics with the law; drug and alcohol use; and fights with her ex and current boyfriends, as opposed to her ability to take charge of a bake sale like nobody's business. But still. She is a mom and has to deal with regular mom stuff.

Take this photo Jenelle Instagrammed for instance:


It doesn't seem like much, but it's a photo of her son Jace's handprints smeared all over furniture. "Really Jace? Lol," Jenelle captured the pic. Sure, finding toddler handprints, crumbs, and god knows what else all over the house is common for parents, but I don't know. Something about this pic just reminded me: "Oh yeah. Jenelle deals with typical mom stuff, too."

This isn't the usual type of photo we find on Jenelle's Instagram account (she's more of a selfie kind of gal), but maybe, now that she's pregnant with baby number two, she's feeling more domestic and in the mood to nest. 

Let's all hope that after Jenelle welcomes her next baby, these are the types of photos we see more of on her Twitter and Instagram accounts as opposed to some of the crap that's on there now. Oh, and photos of the baby, of course. Lots and lots of photos of the baby. We can never get enough of that.

Do you think Jenelle is more ready to be a mom this time around?


Images via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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