Farrah Abraham's Father Commits the Ultimate Betrayal

Farrah AbrahamIt looks like Farrah Abraham isn't the only member of her family with a story to tell and literary aspirations. Her father Michael Abraham has surfaced and started letting people know that he's got a book that will soon be hitting shelves. What's it about? In a move surprising officially no one, Michael has decided to pen a memoir -- all about the life of his little girl. Oh. My. How ... sweet?

It's not sweet at all; in fact, it's a little monstrous. Obviously Farrah's home life has been complicated to say the least, but you'd like to think at the end of the day, she could trust that her own family wasn't going to sell her out. Michael seems less than abashed, saying the book will contain loads of never before heard details about his daughter.


When it comes to Farrah, nothing she says or does is shocking. But Michael's actions kind of take my breath away. It's a father's job to love and protect his little girl no matter how far she strays. He shouldn't be one of a long line of people standing in line to profit off of her without a thought for her feelings. It's no small wonder things have turned out the way they have for Farrah. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Why do you think Farrah's dad decided to write this book?


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