Tyler Baltierra's Feelings About Success Aren't What They Seem

Tyler BaltierraTyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are getting amped about their upcoming trip to Ireland. Catelynn seems positively giddy about the whole experience, and while we're sure Tyler's also excited, he's expressing those feelings in a much different way than his lady love.

Tyler took to Instagram to share just what was going on with him. His reflections took the form of a prolonged caption about where life has taken him. He accompanied this with a profile photograph of himself clearly deep in thought. It was both artistic and affecting.


Tyler had this to say:

Just sitting back thinking in just a few weeks I'll be in Ireland sharing my story internationally. I am beyond blessed to have this opportunity to impact as many lives as I can. I still can't believe that I'm where I'm at today. Thanks to all you guys who support me. Wouldn't be here without you guys, thank you! #Humbled #Grateful #Inspired

The bottom line: Tyler doesn't take anything for granted. He took time out from his life to share his thanks for his fans. It's rare that somebody so young can be so circumspect about where the path of life has taken them. Kudos to Tyler for taking the time out, not just to be privately thankful, but to share that thanks with his fans. What a good guy. May his travels abroad be good ones!

Do you take time out to express gratitude?


Image via Instagram

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