New ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Trailers Will Make You ... Laugh? (VIDEOS)

ned starkSometimes it's a little hard to see the ... humor in Game of Thrones. Granted, you can always count on Tyrion Lannister to quip some ridiculously funny one-liners, but otherwise, the show is pretty bleak. Come on, there's some incest, beheadings, betrayals, attempts to murder children, baby killing, you name it!

So leave it to the experts to find the truly funny side of Game of Thrones. Considering the premiere for season 4 is less than a week away (EEEEEE!) (April 6!!!!!!), there is now an Honest Trailer for the show. And it's soooooo damn funny. And there are spoiler and spoiler-free versions too! How awesome! And I never use this many exclamation points ever!

If that's not enough, CollegeHumor has also released a Game of Thrones recap for your viewing pleasure. You know you want to see it ... before getting completely depressed after watching who all is going to die during the next 10 weeks of season 4.


Here is the spoiler version:

Here's one without spoilers!

How absurdly polite of them to do both!

And finally, CollegeHumor's recap. It's not nearly as funny as the trailer, but "DannyTanner" was pretty damn good:

Just goes to show ... we're a sick group of people for being fans of this series, huh? How gross and twisted can it get?

But you can't help but be grateful that Westeros is all just a fantasy world -- even though we may be more invested in these characters than we are our own actual real lives. But that's okay! Sometimes we need an escape from the daily grind, and at least these newest videos can shed light on the funny yet sometimes completely disturbing aspects of it.

Needless to say, keep 'em coming. Anything to get us more pumped up for the premiere! Can't believe it's finally here!

Did you think these Game of Thrones trailers were funny? Why do you watch this show?


Image via HBO

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