Kailyn Lowry's Decision to Drink Makes Total Sense

Kailyn LowryKailyn Lowry is so brave for sharing the amount she has when it comes to dealing with alcoholism. Kailyn's mother is an alcoholic, and she has made the decision not to let her back into her own life or the lives of her husband and children until she gets sober. That's a ridiculously difficult call for anyone to have to make. She's got to be tough as nails to stick to it.

She continues to speak out about alcoholism and her own decision to drink socially. While not a party girl by any stretch of the imagination, Kailyn will drink socially like she did the night of her 22nd birthday. She seems to catch a huge amount of flak every time she chooses to imbibe. That isn't really at all fair, especially given how adult and measured her awareness of the dangers of alcoholism are.


She proved this with a recent string of tweets about drinking and the potentially lethal effects of alcohol withdrawal. In a calm, measured way, she shared some facts her followers might not have known before about the dangers of quitting alcohol cold turkey. If nothing else, this should reassure the haters that Kailyn isn't a hypocrite. She's an adult who fully understands the power of drinking and doesn't plan on abusing it or any substance any time soon.

Do you think Kailyn should quit drinking altogether?

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