Amber Portwood Might Be Lying About Her Love Life

Amber PortwoodAmber Portwood may have recently come out and admitted that she's living the single life without a boyfriend in sight, but her Twitter account is telling another story. Recently Amber posted a cryptic message, one easily overlooked, on her Twitter account. She made it clear that there HAS been a man in her life -- but he's not a man she's happy with.

Amber didn't name any names and tried to gloss over her remarks by engaging with some with her fans online, but the fact remains: Somebody hurt her. Amber passive-aggressively posted about the state of chivalry, saying it was dead and wondering where all the true gentlemen have gone. Who is she talking about?!


She could be making a dig at her ex and her baby-daddy Gary Shirley, but that doesn't seem likely. While the two have definitely bickered in the past, they have been making a real effort to keep that in check for the sake of their daughter. And they've been doing a good job of it lately.

Could it be that Amber has started casually dating someone? If that's the case, it would explain the tweet. It would also explain why she went out of her way before to say she was single. Maybe Amber hoped that would detract attention away from a situation she wasn't quite ready to share with the world yet. Whatever the case may be, the dude in question clearly upset her. Amber should boot his butt, she deserves better!

Do you think Amber is hiding something about her love life?


Image via Twitter

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