Jenelle Evans Wants Just 1 Thing From Her Ex

Jenelle Evans divorceIt looks like Jenelle Evans might be getting one of her biggest wishes granted sooner than she thought. When her ex Courtland Rogers landed in jail earlier this week, there was some concern that his time holed up was going to make her plans to finalize the divorce -- previously set to happen this spring -- take a backseat. Thankfully, this isn't the case.

Yesterday Courtland was released on $6,000 bail. Not exactly chump change, right? Here's hoping he's still got funds filed away for his divorce. Those things do not come cheap. And Jenelle is not backing down -- she wants Courtland gone so that she can marry her hottie-with-a-body, bf Nathan Griffith.


Jenelle is telling anyone who will listen how eager she is to get Courtland out of her life. She would have divorced him sooner, but in her home state of North Carolina, they make you wait a full year (spent in separation) before you can put the paperwork through. "I'm ready to get him out of my life and move on with being Jenelle Evans again," she said.

She's so eager to move forward she's put a clock on it. Jenelle wants those divorce papers filed by April 24. That gives Courtland less than a month if he wants to try and win her back. But we're hoping he leaves her well enough alone.

Do you think the divorce will go ahead as planned?


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