Maci Bookout's New Look Shows Off Her Tough Side

Maci BMaci Bookout ookout is definitely one of the more stylish stars that the Teen Mom universe has ever produced. That style tends to be on the edgier side, but it's always classy and always on point. That said, we would never have thought novelty t-shirts were her style. A recent post she shared on Instagram might be proving us wrong and have us looking at t's in a whole other light.

Maci shared a photo of a white t-shirt printed with the words "whiskey and lace." That's Maci to a T -- tough and delicate all at the same time. But does she really need to wear a shirt that's so on the nose to hit her point home? We think not. So why has she started donning this apparel?


Why for a friend, of course! The shirt Maci shared a glimpse of is from a store opened by a dear friend of hers. In addition to sharing the pic, she also shared a coupon code to her followers on Instagram who might interested in buying anything from the new place. The store is called Pretty Rebels. Maci might as well be their spokesperson! We don't always adore novelty shirts, but this one is practically couture. Maybe this means we are one step closer to Maci developing a fashion line all of her own!

Would you buy clothes designed by Maci?


Image via Instagram

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