Maci Bookout Is in TOTAL Denial About Her Son Bentley

Maci BookoutLike sands through the hourglass, so go the days of a Teen Mom's life. That's definitely the case for our favorite redhead Maci Bookout. It seems like only yesterday that her beautiful baby boy Bentley was a wee one. But now he's growing up faster every day. He looks so much like Maci, too!

Maci ran that point home when she shared what was on her mind about her son today on Twitter. She says that tomorrow she has to register Bentley for KINDERGARTEN? Can you even stand it? I kind of can't. How can he be old enough? Maci feels the same way and jokingly said that she didn't even want to talk about. If time seems to have gone in the blink of an eye for us, imagine how it feels for the proud mama!


For all her joking about the exciting day to come, Maci also seems pretty sad about letting Bentley continue growing up. "My baby's not a baby," she lamented on Twitter. That tugs at the heartstrings. I want to hug her and be all, "Dude, in the immortal words of Mariah Carey, he'll always be your baby!" It's funny and it's also true.

Bentley is definitely growing up, and while it's bittersweet, Maci should focus on what a fine young man she's raising! In all the photos she shares, he's always so smiley, and he seems so bright. He's got a great future in store thanks to her. It seems like her followers on Twitter feel the same way. They rushed to support her.

Can you believe Bentley's already going to kindergarten?


Image via Twitter

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