The 1 Thing That Could Ruin Leah Messer's Marriage

Teen Mom 2 is making me nervous! Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert say they're fine and happy in their marriage, but the glimpse into their union not so long ago that this week's episode provided tells another story. They may have temporarily put a Band-Aid on their problems, but they certainly haven't permanently fixed them.

If they ever hope to really solve their problems and stay together long-term without the looming threat of divorce, they will have to make some major changes. And when I say 'they,' I mean Jeremy. Leah's concerns -- that Jeremy forgets the fam when he travels for work -- are pretty valid. They could probably also be pretty easily assuaged by Jeremy. But that's where the problem crops up.


Jeremy doesn't seem to know how to talk about problems or disagreements without immediately leaping toward threats of divorce. Say what, now?! Fights, disagreements, and feeling safe enough in what exists between you to air them out are what a partnership is all about. If Leah can't come to Jeremy with that stuff, it's only natural that sooner rather than later, she's going to stop trusting him with ANY of her feelings -- good or bad.

The obvious solution to their problems? Leah and Jeremy should go to therapy. But sadly, Jeremy is adamantly opposed to the idea. He needs to drastically rethink this and find someone to help him get over the stigma. If he doesn't, the same problems are going to keep raising their heads and ruining what he has with Leah.

Do you think Jeremy and Leah will last for the haul?


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