Samuel. L. Jackson’s Slam Poem About ‘Boy Meets World’ Is Everything You Hope It’d Be (VIDEO)

samuel l jacksonWith the hype surrounding the premiere of Girl Meets World gearing up, there's no better way to get people interested than using the always hilarious Samuel L. Jackson, amirite? That's why Jimmy Fallon had Samuel L. Jackson Perform slam poetry about Boy Meets World, the show upon which Girl Meets World is based, and it's, in a word, amazinggggg.

Everyone is hankering for some '90s show nostalgia (Full House reunion, anyone?) was treated to a brief background of the show as well as some of its most iconic moments in a way only Samuel L. Jackson can pull off. There's really nothing left to say. This video is perfect.


Here it is:

"Topanga, Topanga, Topanga!!"

And come on, anyone who grew up with Boy Meets World knows that Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter will go down in '90s friendship infamy (even if Shawn were trailer trash), and that Topanga and Cory would get married ever since they first met as teeny tiny little kids. It's just the way things worked on television shows back then. Especially having the same teacher for every single grade all the way through college.

Though it is kind of amazing how whatever Samuel L. Jackson says sounds so authoritative and majestic and profound. Even when he's waxing poetic about a super-cheesy show from the '90s. Think Samuel L. Jackson has ever watched Boy Meets World? He certainly knows quite a lot about the show, or at least pretends to, even talking about Cory's tryst with that cute little snow bunny that almost drove Cory and Topanga apart. For shame! Fine, he later admitted to never watching the show, but this was still fantastic nonetheless.

Can't wait to see what Girl Meets World is like. Let's just hope it doesn't take away from the magic that was Boy Meets World. Which Samuel L. Jackson was so helpful to remind us of!

Are you a fan of Boy Meets World? Will you tune in to Girl Meets World?


Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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