Kailyn Lowry's Problem Is Something We All Understand

Kailyn LowryWe think Kailyn Lowry is beautiful just the way she is. That said, we totally identify with the struggles she sometimes shares about feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. Kailyn recently tweeted about her frustrations with her weight. She's been open about how much she wants to lose the 50 pounds she gained when pregnant with Lincoln.

She's also a great role model, losing weight the best way a person can -- by working out and by eating well. Of course those two "simple" things aren't always easy when you're raising two young boys! Getting to the gym can go right out the window with that busy schedule. But it's still so important to look after yourself so you can be the best happiest, most confident version of yourself for your kiddos.


While we have no doubt that Kailyn is more than capable of reaching whatever weight loss goals she sets for herself, here's hoping that she isn't quite so hard on herself moving forward. Not only is negative self-talk useless, it can also be harmful. All that hateful chatter in your brain can lead you right back toward food instead of away from it.

For someone like Kailyn who has struggled with her relationship with food and with her own body, this could be dangerous. She's on a great path right now, and I hope like crazy that she can keep it up. It's admirable to want to get healthy and stay that way, but putting too much pressure on herself is another stress she doesn't need.

Do you have time to exercise?


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