Farrah Abraham Goes to a Very Dark Place (WATCH)

Farrah AbrahamLike Darth Vader before her, Farrah Abraham has sampled the delights of the dark side: And she liked what she found there. Fret not, Farrah hasn't developed a penchant for world domination. At least, not in a literal sense. When I say 'dark,' I am referring not to her nature, but rather to the color she's dyed her hair using a literary device called 'hyperbole.' Ay-oh!

Let's break this down though. Farrah's hair has definitely been one of her best assets. It's also one of the sole parts of her person that she seems to prefer to keep au naturel. Sure, she'll mold and shape it and color it from time to time, but she doesn't go buck wild with it the way she does with some of her other personal, erh, enhancements.


But in a video Farrah posted to Keek about her thoughts on April Fools' Day (and by thoughts I mean Farrah's definition of the holiday), her new dark-as-night tresses were the thing that held our attention the longest. Not that I don't find her intellect captivating. Truly, I am often overwhelmed by it.

Mar 31, 2014 | Reminder @Keek #AprilFools & Woo-Hoo for #BLOWIN by f1abraham on Keek.com

It takes guts and gusto to pull off such a vivid shade, and while Farrah looks okay, I've got to say, I think I prefer her in a slightly softer hue. This raven's-wing black is kind of tough for anyone to pull off, and it looks to be washing Farrah out a little. I know, blasphemy. Maybe I'm just biased against ultra-dark hair?

Do you like Farrah's new look?


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