'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Heather Should Let Carole Fight Her Own Battles

RHONYWhen you are having a fight with someone, maybe don't get drunk in the Hamptons with them. This is what The Real Housewives of New York have taught me. They have also taught me that Sonja Morgan does not quite understand what burlesque is, but ultimately that makes her show even better. All her antics couldn't detract from the confrontation that went down at Lu's after the show.

You'd think they had talked about it enough, but no -- bookgate was the center of every conversation of the evening. Carole tried to give Aviva a wide berth, but her good social skills could only ward off evil for so long. Because it was Heather who went in and stirred up trouble this time. She decided to go after Aviva yet again, rehashing who said what at the party and why they said it. 


I am staunchly team Heather/Carole on this one. But when Heather does stuff like try to talk in a sane and reasonable way to Sonja or Aviva, it is so intensely frustrating. When I see goats on a farm, I just, 'look, some goats.' I do not try to engage them in conversation because I understand that this would be a crazy thing to do. Heather seems to disagree. Because she kept bleating and bleating at Aviva and Sonja, and Sonja and Aviva blinked vacantly and ate some grass. 

The Hamptons are supposed to be where the wealthy go to relax or, if you prefer evening dramas, seek revenge over the course of several seasons. This trip was anything but restful. It was swell that the whole gang (minus Ramona who was in Africa) went to support Sonja. But if they were going to ruin the weekend with a big fight over white wine, staying at home might have served everyone better. 

Do you think Heather should have stayed out of it?


Image via Bravo

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