'Glee' Recap: New York Gets a Few More New Directions

Chris Colfer GleeGlee has finally left Ohio behind, and the New Directions have taken New York. Well, some of the New Directions anyway. The first post-glee club breakdown episode aired tonight, and we got a look at who is staying on ... and who is coming back!

That's right, Gleeks! Marley, Ryder, and the young kids may not have made the jump to the all-new Glee, but the writers have decided to bring back at least one of the old favorites in their stead.


Amber Riley, aka Mercedes Jones, is now an official member of the New York New Directions. She convinced her label that she wants a Harlem vibe to her new album, so they're putting her up in a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Which is good for Sam and Blaine, who just so happened to need someone with a second bedroom to rent out.

Yup, it turns out Blaine living with Kurt isn't good for Klaine -- at least not while he's still figuring out how to make it on his own in the Big Apple. One would think having Kurt move out of his place in favor of finding a new home they made TOGETHER would have made more sense than having Blaine find his own place entirely, but hey, it's TV ... right? And someone needs to keep Sam and Mercedes from jumping each other's bones.

Meanwhile Artie is also living in the city -- and learning to make it around town in his wheelchair -- but there was no Santana (or Brittany!) this week, as she up and quit Funny Girl as promised to hit the island of Lesbos.

As for the other New Directions? They may not be in New York, but don't write them off just yet. The opening credits included the likes of Melissa Benoist and Jenna Ushkowitz.

Who do YOU hope gets to come back? What could they do in the big city?


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