'Are You the One' Reunion Recap: Tears, Sexy Texts & a Surprise Engagement!

are you the one mtv reunionAll season long, we've witnessed the tension and hookups on Are You the One? and tonight, we finally saw the tell-all recap show that really showed us what went on behind the scenes after the cameras stopped filming.

Tonight's Are You the One? The Aftermath episode showed us the couples that have loved, hooked up, broken up, and phased out since we've stopped rolling. And trust me, they've been great.


For anyone wondering about the Simone, John, Jacy, and Chris S. (Scali) quadrangle ... fear no more. We finally got some answers. Jacy was nervous about getting close to anyone on the show because her previous love had passed away. However, Scali did reveal that Jacy was his "soul mate" (please note my 'quote unquotes') but mentioned that he was too young to make a life-changing commitment, i.e., moving to be with his love, who lives a few hours away. Um, okay.

But Jacy was not about to let him go so easily. "You finally found someone who loves you for the a****** that you are," she says. "Someone who will follow you anywhere ... If you say that, I will be willing to relocate." But this promise seemed to be too much for Scali, who blew off the romance and denied trying to hook up with other girls, even when John confronted him with some sketchy text messages.

But Wes, Kayla, Ryan, and Jessica let us know exactly what was going on in their post-filming world. Spoiler alert: they all went to 'visit' Ryan. As you may recall, Ryan and Kayla hooked up, even though they weren't a match, and had an entire falling-out that led to an all-out brawl. Of course, that didn't stop Kayla from trying to see Ryan after the show ended.

But guys, Dillan and Coleysia, who were the first identified perfect match, showed us that true love exists ... right?

Wrong. In a scene that was not shown originally, Coleysia had a really great time at the White Party (you know what I mean), and Dillan was not entirely pleased. So after the show ended, we found out that the duo had actually broken up and that Dillan apparently thinks that his true love could just be "a lifelong friend." Well if that isn't a shot to the heart ...

But fear not, fellow MTV viewers, Adam and Brittany had the chance to show us what a perfect match was all about. That was until Adam revealed that he never had true feelings for Brittany, yet she still continued to pursue him. Not only that, but she reached out to his mother, uncle, and brother to talk about Adam's lacking commitment issues. Does anyone else want to comment on this one?

Finally, Dre ultimately addressed his personal life outside of the house. Well, maybe. He ended his statement by saying that his personal life is not "Are You the One?'s business" and that the show had no right infringing on his "technicalities." Technicalities, meaning his wife and child who were kept hidden from MTV production. Okay ...

Lastly, we saw Chris T. and Shanley. While they claimed to be a true couple (remember how they declared their 'I love you's at the party?), they have since had some rocky moments. Those were possibly triggered by the sexy texts that Chris exchanged with Paige (his true match). Possibly. Well, very likely. But we'll move on.

As great as the reunion was thus far, nothing compared to the final two minutes.

Host Ryan Devlin asked Ethan (via a Twitter question) what he loved about Amber. A couple adorable adorations later (what? I will never admit that I teared up), he dropped to one knee and proposed.

"I know that there is no one in the world that I am drawn to more than Amber," he said. "Amber, I want you to take this journey with me for the rest of my life."

All right, MTV gods, you win! Happy?! I actually may have shed a tear or two.

So as we bid adieu to this season of Are You the One? we can be comforted by the fact that the show will be returning for a sophomore season. So I'll see you back here in a few months.

What did you think of the reunion show and the proposal?


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