Juan Pablo Denies Night Club Rumor With Ridiculous Comment

Juan PabloSo remember how this weekend there were those crazy rumors swirling around about Juan Pablo getting a drink thrown in his face at a club appearance? Yeah, well, that was a totally made up story ... according to Juan Pablo. Apparently, The Bachelor had a "great" time with his lady, Nikki Ferrell, and there was no drink-throwing in sight.

So he's denying the rumors, which is fine, I get it. But it's the way he's denying the rumors that has people rolling their eyes.

Leave it to Juan Pablo:


FIRST of all, is THIS really NECESSARY? Second of all, what do DRUGS have to do with any of this? And third of all, are we really supposed to believe this story is fake? I've been to The Pool in Atlantic City before -- it's huge. There were probably a couple hundred people there. That's a lot of eyeballs exclusively witnessing the drink-throwing crime.

I don't know about this one. What ever happened to just laughing stupid rumors off? Does he really need to rant on Twitter to make us believe he's a good guy?

Do you think Juan Pablo is acting like a jerk?

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