'The Situation' Is Heading Back to Reality TV With Awful Looking Show (VIDEO)

The SituationHey, remember Michael Paul Sorrentino? Oh, excuse me: The Situation. Can we just agree to refer to him as Sorrentino, because I seriously cannot keep typing "The Situation" without wanting to shove a ballpoint pen through my eyesocket? Okay then. Anyway, if you've been wondering what Sorrentino's been up to since his glory days on Jersey Shore, he's ... well, actually, he's been pretty busy. A ghost-written autobiography, a rap song, a workout DVD, a vitamin line for GNC, a clothing line, a weird thing where Abercrombie & Fitch Co. offered to pay him NOT to wear their clothes, a Dancing With the Stars stint, a rehab stay, and a spokesperson gig for SUBOXONE®.

Sorrentino's also coming full circle to his reality show roots with a new unscripted series called The Sorrentinos. Based on the sizzle reel video, the network is banking on viewers not only getting re-obsessed with The Situation's situation, but also the rest of his over-the-top family.


The Sorrentinos will air on the TV Guide Network, which I did not know was an actual channel. The cast includes Sorrentino, his mother Linda, his brothers Marc and Frank, and his sister Melissa. According to Sorrentino,

The reality of the situation is ... for the first time, fans and the general public, will be able to see and, well, meet Michael Sorrentino. This next chapter of my life is about sobriety and family, and I’m stoked to take people on this journey with us.

TVGN's president of entertainment:

We’re excited to take viewers, who met Mike in a very different time and place of his life, and bring them along for this ride with The Sorrentinos. Family is everything and it’s something people universally come back to no matter who you are and what you do. Fame just makes the stakes higher and more public.

Production for the series will begin this week, but here's the pilot presentation that was shot for the network:

Well, I can't fault Mike Sorrentino for wanting to extend his 15 minutes of fame, and apparently there's a network in existence that believes in the entertainment possibilities of this show. But it looks pretty unwatchable to me. In that one clip, everyone came off as either completely annoying (his siblings) or slightly pathetic (his mom). Good luck to Mr. Situation in his sobriety and his career endeavors, but I'm pretty sure this show is going to tank harder than Snooki's book sales for A Shore Thing.

What do you think about The Sorrentinos? Do you think people will watch it?

Image via MTV

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