Jenelle Evans' New 'Natural' Look Is So Unlike Her (PHOTO)

jenelle evansJenelle Evans is known for a lot of things, but her au naturel approach to beauty and style certainly isn't one of them. The Teen Mom star sure is a cute kid, but let's get real here: Her hair is a new color every day, and her boobs are, um, well, not real.

But Jenelle's making some changes. It appears she wants to shed some of the ersatz things about herself, in favor of a more natural look. (Maybe it's because she has a new baby on the way?)

Jenelle shared a pic on Instagram recently, showcasing a way in which she's trying to be "less fake." Check it out:


The reality star captioned the pic, "#NoFilter natural nails. So happy I got those acrylic ones off." Nice! Now, while a French manicure isn't really considered "natural" to most of us, hey, it's a start for Jenelle. And it's probably a wise choice to stay away from the glues and god-know-what-else that are in acrylic nails while pregnant. (And while she's at it, she might want to cut back on the nail salon trips in general.)

Good for Jenelle. I think natural nails look much nicer than fake ones anyway. And if she's feeling totally crazy, maybe next time she can try to forgo polish altogether. Baby steps.

Do you think Jenelle should cut back on the nail salon trips during her pregnancy?


Images via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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