Jenelle Evans' New Baby Is Already Taking After His Mom (PHOTO)

jenelle evansWell, it looks like Jenelle Evans' baby-to-be, Kaiser, is taking after his mama -- and, uh, that may be a good or bad thing. The Teen Mom star just shared the little cutie's "first selfie," and, according to Jenelle, he's even doing duck lips! And, like Jenelle in some of her other Internet pics, he's naked! OMG!

Check him out:


Hee-hee. Kind of adorable, right? And cute how Jenelle sort of poked fun at herself with her caption, "Kaiser's first #Selfie with duck lips! Hahaha can u see him puckering up for us?" She seems really excited to have another baby boy. Maybe she is ready this time 'round? I mean, at the very least, she knows what babies are like and what they entail, whereas last time had to have been a complete shock for her. And her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, seems much more into having a child than, um, Andrew Lewis did. Maybe this little doll will be all right with these two?!

I hope that's the case. But I suppose if it's not, there's always Babs. I'm sure she'd secretly love to have another baby of Jenelle's under her roof.

Do you think Jenelle is ready for a baby this time?


Images via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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