'How I Met Your Mother' Finale Recap: We Meet Her Only to Have Her Taken Away

How I Met Your Mother If you watched the season finale of How I Met Your Mother last night, you are probably left with a couple of key questions. If you didn't watch -- now would be a good time to stop reading! Spoilers ahead.

Why? Why have us watch days and days of one 24-hour period in Farhampton waiting for Barney and Robin to get married? We watched them freak out over their vows and express doubts and try to run away. And then after three years, they end up divorced anyway! Maybe that's real life? But I don't care about real life ... That's not why I watch TV. It's like when Marshall's dad died. Why? I'm not supposed to cry while watching a sitcom.

Sorry, I digress.


My big question really is why have the love of Ted's life die? We just met her -- and they were perfect for each other. So after years of watching, why, in one hour-long episode, did they cram in falling in love, getting pregnant, having two kids, oh -- and then they throw in that she gets sick -- he reads to her in a hospital room -- and she dies! Wha?? Really? If that was their end-game, they could have spread that out over a couple of episodes, right?

I mean -- I see why they did it. They did it because they think Robin and Ted are meant for each other. But honestly ... I never really thought Robin loved Ted. It always seemed very superficial on her end. She could never make up her mind. She doesn't really deserve Ted. But okay, it's nice that they have each other in the end ... I guess.

The parent in me did absolutely love Ted's kids in the second to last scene. They finally had a few more lines and were really sweet. I loved that they called him out on why he had been telling them how he met their mother. That it was really because he wanted permission to ask Robin out. I love that they encouraged him to call her -- saying it had been six years since their mom had passed. That they love Aunt Robin. So they wrap that up with a nice little bow.

And Barney finally does fall in love -- with his daughter.

And Marshal gets the career he wants, and he and Lily end up with three kids -- and finally say goodbye to the apartment.

Okay ... so maybe it ended in a way I am okay with. Everyone moves on. Life happens. I just wish we had more time to take it all in.

Were you happy with how they wrapped up the series?

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