'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: Kailyn Lowry Gets a Surprise From Someone From Her Past (VIDEO)

Kailyn LowryIf being a good mom when you don't have one of your own is tough, imagine how much harder it is to be one when you're a teenager. Kailyn Lowry has done a bang-up job of putting the pieces of her life together on Teen Mom 2 without parents to support her, but if you don't think having an absentee parent weighs on her, get ready for this week's explosive episode.

The Stir got hold of an exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday night's Teen Mom 2, and guess who's back! Suzi Irwin, aka Kailyn's deadbeat mom! And after years of ignoring her daughter, she wants back into the fold! Take a look at the clip:


I have to say Kail handled that one with grace. It's hard being the bigger person, especially when the person who is acting so small is your own parent. But it's also hard to know when to say "when" with parents. They are, after all, your own flesh and blood ... and there's almost a magnet inside of you that pulls you their way.

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But I almost feel like she's being too nice? This woman has been emotionally abusive for years, and she's going to let her be there when she delivers her baby? That's not a grandmother's "right"; that's a privilege Suzi should have to earn ... by actually putting her money where her mouth is and actually BEING a good mom and grandmother!

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out on the show on Tuesday night (10 p.m. ET on MTV) ... although rumor has it we won't actually get to see baby Lincoln be born on Teen Mom 2.

What do you think Kail should have said to her mom? Was she too easy on her?


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