'Lindsay' Recap: Lindsay's Sobriety Might Be in Doubt

On tonight's episode of Lindsay, we see how teeth-grinding it's been for LiLo to keep her sobriety -- literally, she grinds out one of her teeth. At the dentist to get her veneer fixed (raise your hand if you liked Linds' old teeth better), an actual anesthesiologist is called in to put Lindsay under for the simple procedure. Because Lindsay is THAT scared of things near her mouth. C'mon, Linds. We saw your sex list.


We also got to see how perilously close Lindsay is to never starring in a movie again. Her agents -- at least in her mind -- have abandoned her, leaving her to get movie roles on her own. "And then all they do is take a percentage," she gripes to her life coach, AJ Johnson. Ain't it da truth, sistah, ain't it da truth.

What Lindsay doesn't seem to consider is that perhaps the very reputation that she herself formed is what is stopping her from getting movie roles. Can you imagine being Lindsay Lohan's agent and calling up a producer and saying, "Hey, could you consider Lindsay Lohan for the role?" I imagine that guy gets hung up on a lot.

AJ impresses upon her the importance of perhaps being more cooperative with the OWN series -- she is constantly late and missing shoots -- since producers might decide whether or not they want to hire her based on her behavior. She seems to get this. Maybe. Hard to tell.

We also got to see a side of Lindsay we haven't seen before -- Lindsay helping out underprivileged kids at a Brooklyn school. One adorable tyke named Donovan takes a real liking to her. "Thank you for hugging me," he says as Lindsay wraps her arms around him. Aww. Maybe Donovan needs to move in to keep Lindsay on the straight and narrow.

But already rumors are swirling -- and tabloid headlines are blaring -- that Linds is back to partying in nightclubs. She admits she loves going out and having fun. Asked if she's maintained her sobriety, she admits, "I'm sober but I've come very close ... it's very scary."

But when the same question is put to her sober coach Michael Cormier, he's not so certain. "I don't know ..." [longest pause ever] "the truth is ..." [even longer pause] "you know ..." [pause so long I've grown five gray hairs waiting for the answer]. He finally concedes that he doesn't know, but that he has "no hard evidence" that she's hit the sauce again. Not exactly reassuring.

Do you think Lindsay will remain sober?


Image via OWN

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