'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kandi's Kindness Could Hurt Her Career

Kandi BurrussThe Atlanta cast was back from the steamy Mexican vacation, but you'd never know it. Stress abounded this week. The feuds and bickering and silliness have reached pretty epic heights. This is particularly true where Kandi Burruss and Porsha Stewart are concerned. Even though Kandi took a big risk in casting Porsha -- a virtual unknown -- in her new musical, Porsha isn't taking the project seriously, and it could really hurt not just their friendship, but their professional careers. 

Kandi is a consummate businesswoman. She is more than open when she talks about her past regrets working with friends who dicked her over (*cough cough* Kim *cough cough*). But it's starting to seem like she hasn't learned from those mistakes. Porsha is playing the diva -- sending back her contract unsigned with new demands, not showing up for rehearsal and instead going out to clubs in passe bandage dresses. 


Kandi should have fired her butt a long time ago. I know I would've. And this is coming from someone who hates confrontation so much that I apologize to my cats when they meow and it isn't time for dinner. Kandi knows that Porsha isn't reliable. She basically admitted as much when she shared the fact that only Porsha has an understudy! Kandi needs to cut the cord now before things get even more messy between her and Porsha.

That said, it's not like everyone on Kandi's team is being a total professional either. Whatever stresses you have during a production, you don't air your grievances about the people you're working with to the other cast members. That's just tacky and kind of ... immature? Kandi's manager DuJuan couldn't STOP ripping into Porsha. She may deserve it, but he's losing major sympathy points for his boss every time he makes another half-assed joke at the problem cast-member's expense. 

Do you think Kandi should fire Porsha?


Image via Bravo

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