Louis CK's SNL Monologue Was the Funniest Part of the Show (VIDEO)

louis ck snlLouis CK was on Saturday Night Live last night and just as I expected, he killed it. Not literally killed it, but just say that in a teen girl's voice and know that it was great. I loved his monologue -- he takes everyday things and exposes the truth, sometimes the awful truth, and he makes it funny.

Part of us is laughing at his delivery. The other part is laughing at ourselves. At life. At messed up truths. What he had to say about wife beaters ... well, see for yourself.


He said how it was so okay to beat your wife until recently and yet we have a piece of clothing called a wife beater. Stop saying it like it's not horrible.

He's right.

He also talked about how he went out shopping for a white noise machine because it helps white people sleep at night, and how none of us should ever say we're hungry. If you ate today you shouldn't say you are hungry. That's first world hunger. First world hunger is wanting a donut. He said you never see a starving person say "I'm like literally starving to death." Say that in a teen girl's voice and it's funny. Bad funny. Mirror in your face and wow are we all messed up kind of funny. 

Then he talked about his kids -- Louis CK talking about being a dad is my favorite. He prefers having girls over boys. Check out his reasoning why along with some other things he has to say about God and murder.

 What did you think of Louis CK's monologue?


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