Amber Portwood Flaunts Her Secret to Staying Sober (PHOTO)

amber portwood on mtv with her daughter leahAmber Portwood's path hasn't been an easy one, having only just left jail in November after being incarcerated for 17 months. But things seem to be looking up for the young mother, who recently opened up on Twitter about the challenges she faces on days she doesn't have visitation with her daughter Leah. It looks like yesterday wasn't one of those trying days, thankfully!

Amber tweeted a photo of her little girl, as they spent time together at the "drive-in." Leah even got the special privilege of sitting in the front seat (while the two were "parked, btw," as Amber made sure to note)!


So sweet! It's apparent Amber is keenly aware these days of how precious time spent with her daughter is. What's more, continuing to have Leah in her life must be a major motivator for the proud mama to stay on the straight and narrow.

Sure, this display isn't nearly as dramatic or gasp-worthy as what Amber's delivered on MTV in the past, but I'm sure legions of fans would be thrilled to see her happy, healthy, and doting on her daughter in a future Teen Mom special. Or, hey, we'll even settle for simply more tweets!

Are you hopeful that Amber has her act together now?

Image via MTV

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